Previous Prison Projects

Since 2004, Theatre Nemo has set up various programmes in prisons across Scotland. Projects in this area focus on bridging the gap between prison and community.

Theatre Nemo engages with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in prison. They feel they do not have any control over how they think or feel. By using the arts to engage and stimulate prisoners’ natural creativity, work in prisons can produce amazing results.

One of the things that the prisoners tell us repeatedly is how having a purpose, being able to use their experience to help others, makes them feel useful, needed and part of something good.

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Voices from Barlinnie

Barlinnie Arts festival
A History of Barlinnie – Part 2
A History of Barlinnie – Part 1

My Name Is – Theatre
Barlinnie 2012 – Taiko Drumming
Barlinnie 2012 – Comic Book

Time Thief – Animation
Apocalypse – Animation
Three Families Inc. – Animation
Call for Hell(p) – Animation
I remember the Future – Theatre

Natural Industry – Visual Art
Corporation of Conscientious Mayhem – Theatre
Silent Repetition – Short Film

Does anyone know – Theatre/Film
Slipper Factory – Short Film

Slipper Factory – Theatre
Psychotronic inquisition – Animation
Designing a creative approach – Conference

Animal Farm – Theatre

Anonymous points of view – Visual Art/Film

Bar None – Theatre