Who We Are

Our Aims

  1. To improve the mental health and wellbeing of those we work with.
  2. To improve the knowledge and understanding of mental illness in the wider community.
  3. To reduce the stigma and isolation associated with poor mental health.

Who do we Work With?

We work with adults in recovery from poor mental health often people who are referred through mental health services like NHS or community mental health terms, psychiatric nurses and occupational therapists. Alongside this we also receive referals from other third sector organisations that work in the mental health sector.A portion of our work is with young people, the aim of this work is to help prevent long-term mental health conditions. We do this by increasing their awareness of mental illness and how they can support themselves in maintaining their own mental well-being and that of the people around them. We find that through their involvement in our workshops their understanding of when poor mental health in terms of themselves and friends increases.

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health, we believe, should be viewed the same as physical health. We all know what physical health looks like, we know you should have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Physical illness can take so many forms, you can have accidents where injuries occur, illnesses or long term chromic conditions. With mental illness it’s the same. Someone can suffer short term mental distress caused by trauma or chronic long-term mental illness that require treatment of long periods of time. There is so much in-between and there is still a long way to go in regards to it be understood in depth and therefore there is stigma around it that still very much exists.

Why is what we do important?

Theatre nemo provide opportunities for people to do something different. It gives a safe non-judgemental environment for people to come along and forget about their problems. Sometime people like o come along and explore their problems through creativity. Perhaps most important is the social aspect of our workshops. Participants get a chance to meet those who perhaps have similar experiences and can start make friends. This can help in developing a social life outside of the group. Further to this we offer participants to be part of a community where they can access other services . We have a wide network of organisations that we regularly work and we often direct people to them for additional support if the require it

Why do we use the creative arts to reach people?

Creativity is core to what people are, it’s how we achieve what we achieve whether that is in science, sport or technology. A persons life is achieve through creative thinking, its why we live in houses, it’s why we live in cities. We have imagined our way to where we are now. It’s absolutely core to who we are as a species. Often people don’t have acces to outlets to that creativity.We believe that creativy is not value as much in society as it should be and therefore the opportunities for people to use their inbuilt creativity is limited. This exacerbates mental health problems and arguably in some cases causes them. This is why we feel that we do works because we are giving people the chance to do what they do naturally.