Our Work

Theatre Nemo provides a non-jugmental safe space in which attendee’s can both learn and increase their confidence and social skills. We do this by offering creative workshops that lead to clear outcomes that attendee’s can be proud of. We work with a diverse range of attendee’s whether that be in Schools, Pyschiatric Hospitals, Prison or in the community. Our projects run in blocks of 12-15 weeks.

Below are some of the projects we offer


Our guitar groups aims to enhance group member’s experience of their own creativity as well as musicianship by using guitar as a tool. The guitar is an instrument that is uniquely accessible due to it’s wide use in contemporary music across various genres. In addition to this it is possible to tailor popular songs on the guitar in countless ways so as someone can play a version of a song that is appropriate to their capability and still sound great.


During each session participants will start with skills development, working on voice and performance techniques. This is usualy acomplished through a series of drama games designed to practice certainskills. This is also used to help participants to get to know one another.The group will then spend some time improvising and generating content for the piece,

Visual Art 

The group will be introduced to a range of visual art styles and techniques using a range of mediums. Over the first few sessions this will give participants an opportunity to develop interests in specific techniques or revisit skills from their past.

The group will discuss themes and topics for their work and what the work might be used for. This coulde for permanent display  or perhaps to give to family members. The group maydecide to collaborate on a large-scale piece of work or to work individual on smaller pieces. These discussions can continue and change over the whole project, as work is created it inspires new ideas.


Taiko Drumming  

The initial sessions are dedicated to teaching the foundations of Taiko drumming, this includes learning the vocabulary used to teach and an overview of the history and culture of Taiko.Once the participants have a confident grasp of the foundations o f Taiko they will be split into groups tocompose an original piece of Taiko music. This will involve team work and creative skills. Once groups have completed this task they will then be supported to teach the other group the piece they have created. This is a challenging task and participants will receive support and guidance from the tutor to prepare their teaching time. This task involves planning, teamwork and leadership skills. The final stage will be for all participants to come back together and work on a group performance.

Previous Work

Theatre Nemo have been delivering projects for since 1998, there are hundreds of examples to choose from, we have selected the following to give a sense of the diversity of of our work.



The Lorax

Visual Art

Designing a Creative Approach Conference

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