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Nemo Arts has a talented team of participatory artists with experience delivering engaging sessions in a wide range of settings including Schools, Hospitals and Community Spaces.

We can work with your organisation to create a bespoke programme that meets the needs of your participants. This might be one of sessions at events or a longer term series of sessions to develop skills and relationships.

We can deliver the following activities

Taiko Drumming

Taiko drumming is a dynamic and energetic art form that originated in Japan over 2,000 years ago. It involves playing large, traditional Japanese drums with sticks, and incorporates elements of martial arts and dance. Taiko drumming is known for its powerful rhythms and beats, and is often performed at festivals and celebrations around the world.

Circus Skills

Our circus skills workshop is a fun and interactive way to learn juggling, poi, diabolo, flower sticks, and spinning plates. Led by experienced instructors, participants will develop their coordination, balance, and creativity through step-by-step guidance and hands-on practice. This exciting workshop is perfect for anyone looking to explore the world of circus skills and develop new talents.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is a filmmaking technique where objects are moved in small increments between photographs, creating the illusion of movement when the images are played back in sequence. This form of animation can be done using a variety of materials, such as clay, paper, or puppets, and has been used to create some of the most iconic films in history.

Visual Art

Our workshop on acrylic painting is a step-by-step guide to creating beautiful artwork on canvas. Led by an experienced instructor, participants will learn the fundamentals of painting with acrylics, including color mixing, brushwork, and composition. This fun and interactive workshop is perfect for anyone looking to express their creativity and develop their painting skills.


Our drama sessions are designed to provide a fun and supportive environment for exploring the art of acting and theater. Led by an experienced instructor, weekly sessions or stand-alone sessions, which cover a range of topics including scenes, monologues, and improvisation exercises. Weekly sessions can culminate in a final performance for family and friends.

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