Our work in Schools

An Arts Programme to Improve Mental Wellbeing

The mental wellbeing of children and young people is an increasing area of concern and policy focus. We also know that pupils from the most deprived backgrounds are much more likely to experience poor mental health. Theatre Nemo’s Healthy Heads programme provides an excellent means to address this issue with children and young people, reducing stigma, promoting understanding, opening communication channels and giving participants, teachers and parents opportunities to explore creatively how to nurture their own mental wellbeing.

The Programme

This six-week drama-based programme, plus additional sharing session, is grounded in principles of prevention and will support schools to achieve the following outcomes with their pupils:

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and how they might affectthemselves or other people
  • Communication skills about their own feelings and what they see or sense in others
  • An environment of safety, trust and openness in exploring about these issues
  • Improved confidence in talking about experiences and seeking helpIn addition, this programme will help pupils to develop other more general skills for learning and attainment, including leadership, self-confidence, problem-solving and creative self-expression.

Is it suitable for my school?

The programme is built around the Curriculum for Excellence, particularly in the areas of Expressive Arts and Health and Wellbeing. It also links with the key priority of improving children and young people’s health and wellbeing outlined in the National Improvement Framework, and fits within several of the key approaches detailed in the Interventions for Equity Framework.

Who is it for?

Aimed at pupils in p5 to p7, with whole class groups being able to attend