Cinderella – A tale with a twist

n 2010, Theatre Nemo’s community group put on a pantomime entitled: Cinderella – A Tale with a Twist. The success of the show, which saw the performers demonstrate their singing, acting, comedy and dance talents, was a huge boost for the community group’s confidence.

Theatre Nemo would like to congratulations the entire cast, and offer thanks to those who came and supported the show. One off our fabulous community group Kate was so inspired by taking part in the show that she put pen to paper and wrote a poem about her experience.

Cinderella – Too Dark for Christmas

Being part of this show was so much fun.
Always waiting for another run.
The parts the costumes were so good.
Putting everyone in an acting mood.

The music the cast were to ace.
Waiting to perform in another place.
Working in the show was so great.
The performance on the plate.

Rehearsing for months so much to do.
The songs were amazing the art work to.
The songs were amazing which I love.
People working back stage in the box above.

Enjoying a curtsy or a bow,
Thinking back of it now.
The production was just brill.
An experience and a thrill.

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