Previous Community Projects

Theatre Nemo provides a wide range of workshops for people within the community, covering numerous art forms. Our studio at Bridgegate is the main point of contact for people wishing to engage with Theatre Nemo, and is a constant link to the community for some of our more vulnerable users, providing invaluable opportunities for people leaving full-time care or custody.

You can find a list of completed projects below, click on the links to find out more.

INSTall3 – Drama
INSTall3 – Visual Art
INSTall3 – Taiko Drumming
INSTall3 – Guitar
INSTall2 – Drama
INSTall2 – Visual Art
INSTall2 – Taiko Drumming
INSTall2 – Guitar
INSTall – Visual Art
INSTall – Drama
INSTall – Taiko Drumming
INSTall – Guitar

Wild Things Sing – Animation
Questionable Answers – Theatre
How did you get that lonely – Theatre
Women in Focus – Photography
Cirque de la Tête- Animation

Rank Outsiders – Animation
Kaleidoscope – Theatre
Commonwealth – Choir
Commonwealth – Taiko Drumming
Think Big – Visual Art project

Bag of Worries
Music Hall Rendezvous
Music Hall Delights

Words Inc.
Eye Robot
Star Struck Cabaret

Star Struck
Midnight Trickery at the Bastion of Dread

What’s This?
10th Anniversary at the Scottish Parliament
Cinderella – A tale with a twist
The Lorax
Routes to Work
Simple Little Melody
Open Museum
Cosmic Breakdown
The Barras

My Dream, My life, My Way
Lost Property
Sizemic Adventure
Old time Music Hall
Theatre Nemo Choir

When people talk their mouths dance