Slipper Factory – Theatre

In 2007, prisoners at HMP Barlinnie wrote, developed and rehearsed a play, which was named Slipper Factory, over a ten-week period. The play discusses the difficulties, and potential tragedy cause by people not having a ‘voice’, or an outlet for their voice.

Below, is footage from the performance:

Feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. Below are some comments:

“The team-work and friendship between the actors was obvious. From the audience it was wonderful to watch, but I assume to be part of it was possibly life-changing. I am sure 20 years ago this could not have been imagined in the walls of Barlinnie. Theatre support teams allow people to be creative, emotional and thoughtful to each other – all qualities not often encouraged in men.”

“If former prisoners who have been involved in this drama workshop had someplace where they could further develop their skills, this surely can be a positive step. Further workshops on the ‘outside’ would provide a focus as well as a link.”

“I feel that to further develop this work would allow people to build towards a better future and to regain self worth and heighten overall wellbeing.”