Slipper Factory – Film

In 2008, particpants at HMP Barlinnie revisited Slipper Factory, which they had performed as a drama in 2007.

Those involved with the project recreated Slipper Factory as a short film, over a 15-week period.

Early exercises included initial group building drama workshops and trust exercises, followed by scriptwriting and storyboarding. There was also work on physical and vocal awareness, as well as the communication of emotions relating to individuals and the group as a whole. Alongside these were workshops in digital sound production that included vocal work and the exploration of social and emotional concepts through sound composition.

The end product was shown to an audience, in order to gain feedback, and thus reinforce progress in achievement. The artistry of the work was commended, with audience members noting the atmosphere that was created as “moving,” “emotional” or “bleak,” with some even finding the material “uncomfortable,” “tense” and “hard-hitting”, as was intended by the participants.

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