Silent Repetition – Short Film

Silent Repetition was a film based project, and Theatre Nemo’s first at HMYOI Polmont, located in Falkirk.

The film focuses on the experiences of young offenders, and how they often feel as though they are treated like serious criminals, despite having committed minor offences.

The project was again met with praise by staff at HMYOI Polmont. Below are some of their comments:

“[The project brought] self-confidence for the boys, plus a belief in themselves, and change of attitude. The journey the boys have made has been tremendous. Well done. More of this work should be considered for prisons.”

“Lots of young people lack confidence. Being able to express themselves through art helps them to feel worthy.”

“I’m very impressed. I’m glad they’ve been able to express themselves and show how talented they are.  [This] can help young adults become team players and help with their confidence, to be able to show they can be better people.”