Does Anyone Know – Film

In 2008, produced a short film with participants at HMP Edinburgh, entitled Does Anyone Know.

The aim of the project was to engage with participants to produce a live drama performance incorporating collected words and poetry, as well as original work created by the participants through improvisation and creative writing techniques.

The subsequent performance and resulting short film Does Anyone Know were met with great critical acclaim from all. Most importantly, those involved received great praise from their prison peers.

An excerpt from the video can be seen below:

This clip below is from a section of the project called ‘Blaming Poverty on the Poor’

Below are some reactions to Does Anyone Know from staff members at HMP Edinburgh:

“A powerful production. I am particularly pleased to see elements such as writing and acting being explored. A worthwhile venture that has untold benefits.”

“Very well presented. Thought provoking material. Great to see the lads so enthusiastic. I thought the performance by the guys was great, intense, expressive and informative. I would be glad to join in on the next workshop that is going to happen here in Edinburgh prison. It was a good, strong and deep performance. The cast and crew put a lot into it. It should be kept up!”

“Very powerful performance, which was obviously highly motivating for everyone involved. Very far reaching as for skills like confidence, literacy, presentation and organisation. Excellent – well done.”

“It is felt by the facilitator that working methodologies adopted were successful in helping individuals grow in self confidence, that development of interpersonal skills was clearly evident, and that ultimately those who participated have benefited greatly from their involvement, further, each person encountered a positive learning experience which will enhance and inform their chosen life path.”