Corporation of Conscientious Mayhem – Theatre

Corporation of Conscientious Mayhem was produced at HMP Barlinnie in 2009.

Below is a short documentary including excerpts from the performance, as well as interviews with participants and facilitators.

Below are comments from particpants from the project:

“For years I never spoke up for myself, never stood up for myself. Taking part in the workshops and in the performance has been the biggest mountain in my life and now I’ve gotten past that. This was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

“This has been a good experience for people in here to interact and use talents they probably thought they never had. The workshop facilitators are very thoughtful and good people.”

“I think the workshops have been a good experience and I enjoyed being part of it.”

“I’m astonished how good the whole exhibition has been displayed. We put in a lot of effort into it. I didn’t think I had the ability to achieve art to this degree. Working with other people has been a very positive life experience.”

“The play is really how I feel, and now I can express it because I’ve been suppressing it for so long. Once I’ve done this I can do anything.”

“To anyone who needs help with their self-esteem I guarantee it’s a benefit.”

“First time I’ve ever done anything like this in my life and I’ve achieved it. What more can I say. It means a lot to me. To prove it whenever I get out of prison I’ll contact Theatre Nemo so that I can continue the drama workshops. Maybe it’ll help me to stop coming into prison.”