Anonymous Points of View

At the end of 2005 Theatre Nemo produced a short film with a group of participants at HMP Barlinnie entitled An Anonymous Point of View.

The workshop process which culminated in the production of the film focused on the group developing content. This meant that the participants had to develop their own ideas and make decisions as a group about what ideas to use and how best to present them.

As workshop facilitators we broadened the groups’ ideas to include a wider audience, and provided technical training and support.

On the first morning of this project we hit a major problem. One of the participants accidentally dropped the video camera on the concrete floor, meaning the camera could not be used for this project.This misfortune proved to be a blessing in disguise, suddenly; facilitators and participants had to come up with a way to make a short film without a video camera.

The group decided that they could use computer programs and then went on to work hard to create computer generated image sequences and graphics to a high level of complexity.

The end product clearly speaks for itself, and intelligently portrays points of view about the world in which we live.

The video is below: