Super Saver

In 2009, Theatre Nemo ran a ten session animation project called Super Saver at Gartnavel Hospital in the West End of Glasgow.

Those involved with the project completed a number of tasks, including character sculpting, story boarding, script writing, camera operation, character animation & digital sound production.

The group started the workshop with the creation of the clay models using wire and plasticine, then developed the story and built the set.

Following this, they animated the characters, filmed them, and finally dubbed speech over the top.

Below are some comments given by participants in the project:

“The sessions took my dark thoughts and anxiety away. Getting involved with the other patients is good therapy also. Slight increase in confidence realising that we could to the whole project.”

“Although not involved from the beginning, I have learned model making, movement, camera operation and techniques as well as sound dubbing. Interested in both the technical and artistic elements during production and the support given to me by my peers and facilitators.”

“The sessions have brought several participants out of their shell and an increase in their self-esteem has been notable.”

“The workshop facilitators have helped encourage participants to work as a team. This has contributed to an improvement in social skills and interactions.”