Mischief Makers

In 2008, Theatre Nemo completed a project entitled Mischief Makers at Stobhill Hospital in North Glasgow.The project took the form of a clay animation workshop, and activities included sculpting characters, story developing, script writing, filming the animation and sound recording. The group picked up the techniques involved a lot quicker than would typically be expected.

Through the techniques involved, the group developed a number of transferable skills. Communication, for example, is a vital part of creating an animation. The person filming has to tell the animators when they are taking a picture and when it is safe to begin moving the characters again.

Although the participants remained shy, the specific language of filming allowed for the start of confident conversation. As the weeks went on, the conversation within the group, particularly at the tea breaks, began to increase. On the day of vocal recording the participants were indeed confident and were relaxed enough to share in laughing at each others’ funny voices and giving each other lots of encouragement and applause after each recording.

The footage was edited and a final screening was held at the MacKinnon house at Stobhill Hospital. Family, friends and other patients were invited to celebrate the success.

Below are some comments from staff at Stobhill Hospital:

“All the participants are now keen to embrace new ideas and suggestions and I believe are already missing their sessions with Theatre Nemo. On a positive note it has encouraged staff to think outside of the box with regard to developing the program of activities within the art room.”

“Theatre Nemo has a positive impact on patients with mental health issues, it assists them in their recovery.”

“I only hope that the New Year brings further sessions from Theatre Nemo to the Lifeskills unit.”

“Once again, Theatre Nemo have provided a wonderful, productive and thoroughly worthwhile project. I think the relaxed nature of the workshop facilitators added to the enjoyment. The department was buzzing for days afterwards!”