Just the Ticket

In 2009, Theatre Nemo also completed another animation project at Stobhill, called Just the Ticket.

During six sessions participants had an opportunity to engage in sculpting a character, develop a short story and script, film animation using stop frame technique and record voices.

In this project, one participant showed great interest in the directing side of the production and as she became more confident in the role she helped the process by giving clear instructions to the animators and also gave appropriate praise as a director should.

Other participants benefited from the process of animating the characters. This process requires focus and concentration, and for some this was a challenge that they worked to overcome. Regardless, the work was of a very high standard.

Below is the final product of the workshops:

Some of the participants spoke to Theatre Nemo, after the project had finished. Here are their comments:

“I have been in and out of hospital since I was just sixteen, that was 15 years ago and this is the most positive thing I have ever done.”

“I made an animation for my wee sister’s birthday she loved it and all the other patients came in to the day room to see it. I am going to go back to college it has definitely helped my confidence.