The Lorax

In 2010, Theatre Nemo’s The Lorax project, funded by BBC Children in Need, was designed to bring family groups closer together by promoting communication and integration, which would hopefully strengthen family relationships.

The project was split into three main areas. A music group worked with our musical director Gregg Muir to create atmospheric sounds-scapes using a range of instruments as well as using recycled materials to create new types of instruments with unique sounds. The compositions were then recorded and played during the live performance of The Lorax. The Lorax is a book for children, written by Dr. Seuss.

Working with facilitator Hugh McCue, a drama group devised sections of live performance which portrayed the difference in movement and mood for each of the animal groups in the story.

Another group designed an animated film as a backdrop to the live action, in order to show the degradation of the landscape over the time of the performance. The participants were involved in the building of the miniature set, as well as filming the animation itself. The visual art aspect of the project was led by Rachel Toner, who helped the particpants in designing various costumes and set-pieces.

Below you will find a video of the performance as well as a short but informative ‘making of’ documentary:

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