Midnight Trickery at the Bastion of Dread: Animation (2011)

The group of participants involved in producing Midnight Trickery at the Bastion of Dread attended workshops every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for three months, ultimately creating an innovative and original animation completely from scratch.

From designing characters to developing storylines, the participants were in complete artistic control over the project and were subtly encouraged to explore and nurture their ideas in unison with their peers, in order to foster strong communication and group work skills.

The project also promoted skills such as focus, commitment and manual dexterity. In the latter stages of the process the participants also gained invaluable experience of using camera equipment, as well as Final Cut Pro video editing software and Soundtrack Pro audio recording software.

The story is a spoof on the zombie genre and the colourful landscapes and characters it contains were made from a variety of materials including chicken wire, twigs, paint and plastercine.

As with all Theatre Nemo projects an emphasis was placed on support, integration and enjoyment, with everyone involved giving positive feedback and echoing a collective sense of fulfilment and fun.

Below is the final animation:

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