Cosmic Breakdown

In 2010, Theatre Nemo worked with sufferers of mental illness to produce Cosmic Breakdown.

The project was focused on using the power of animation to try and explain the seemingly irrational behaviour experienced and exhibited when people are ill. The group taking part in the project – which was funded by ‘See Me’ – discussed different feelings and emotions they had felt when ill. They produced a storyline they thought would help clinicians to understand some of the effects of being isolated.

The animation can be found below:

Here are some comments from those involved with the project:

“It made me confident among other people, and made me more interested in art which I do a lot now. [I enjoyed] mixing with and meeting people, which I couldn’t do before.”

“[It improved my] confidence, and helped me accept myself by people accepting me.”

“It helped me feel worthwhile. It is interesting to hear other peoples ideas on mental health.”

“It made me feel less isolated by learning that others have experienced mental health issues.”

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