Creative Castlemilk

In 2018 with support from the Scottish community alliance pockets and prospects programme we were introduced to Cassiltoun HA and were able to deliver a few taster sessions for community members.

Initially our Taiko Drumming programme captured peoples imagination and working together Cassiltoun Trust successfully secured funding for a longer term programme which operated through 2019 with the group performing in their community and also traveling to perform in Paisley, The Southside Festival, The Secret Garden and Strathclyde University Student Union.

As the pandemic struck we were forced to abandon our taiko project just weeks before another series of performances. Once the shock of the situation had settled and we began to understand the longevity of the restrictions we came up with another plan to support the community. We started to provide online visual art workshops, these were so successful that they have continued to grow and now being back in person the sessions have had to move to larger spaces three times to accommodate the popularity of the sessions.