Fables from the Stables

Working in partnership with an already established writing group in Castlemilk we supported them to publish a book of their stories and poems. Our art tutor Rachel Toner worked with the group each week over zoom teaching them the skills of illustration.

As a group of writers there was a great deal of hesitation and anxiety felt towards learning this new skill, and it would be fair to say the group were way out of their comfort zone. However, through encouragement and a lot of laughter, the group soon relaxed into the weekly sessions. The end results were remarkable and the final printed book is something that we are all very proud of.

“I really enjoyed the experience and was delighted with how good the book was. We could not have done it ourselves. I am very proud of our book with the illustrations. Everyone loves the cover picture. The illustrations project was fantastic.”

“I felt a bit sad this was our last session. The art class was a great opportunity. Rachel was very encouraging to everyone and praised our work. The class came at a good time with all the COVID restrictions. I had not done art since secondary school. I would say to everyone to give art a try. Since doing the art class I look at the sky and trees in a different way. We are all looking forward to seeing our book.”